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Trademarks and Intellectual Property


We are especially active in Trademark Law, and can provide you with insight in the specific details that matter such as what kinds of information, products or services warrant obtaining a trademark or service mark, how you can use a trademark to your advantage, and what you can do if your trademark has been infringed upon.


In the area of Trademarks, Service Marks and Intellectual Property Rights our experience includes:

  • Obtaining trademarks, service marks, and other forms of intellectual property protection in the U.S. and elsewhere. Maintaining and proper use of your intellectual property
  • Handling infringement opinions and disputes
  • Trademark and Service mark appeals
  • Trade Secrets

After hours appointments can be arranged upon request.

Law Office of G. Keith deBrucky 
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Law Office of G. Keith deBrucky

377 E Chapman Ave, Suite 290

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Phone: 714-993-3387

Fax: 714-993-7067




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